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4/13 - Well I'm back from an awesome winter guiding on the famous Lake Okeechobee and ready to get after it here on KY and Barkley lakes. The bass and crappie fishing is ready to break loose. Looking forward to a great 2015 and hope you are part of it.

1/1 - Happy New Year to everyone and best wishes to all. Definitely enjoying the warm weather of southern Florida this winter while catching giants on Lake Okeechobee. The shiner fishing has been pretty easy to pickup on the artificial has been a different story though...lol. 

12/1 -  New adventures abound in the sunshine state. I will be headed to lake Okeechobee this winter to guide with the guys from Bass Online. I will be looking forward to the warm weather, gators, big bass and making new friends
8/26 - Summer has finally arrived now that we are ready to roll into September. Some of the hottest weather of the year has settled in on us with heat advisories across much of the mid to southern portions of the country. Fishing has been off since the 4th of July weekend and is just starting to pick up and looking forward to an awesome fall bite on the big topwater baits.

7/23 - WOW!!! time goes fast. We are a little over halfway through summer already what's up with that. 4th of July has come and gone, ICAST is over and we staring the dog days of summer right in the eyes. In a few short weeks cool winds will be blowing in from the north and the smell of fall will be in the air.

5/19 - There just isn't enough time in a day! I want to be better at keeping things fresh and up to date on here for everyone but between Guiding, Prefishing, Electronic installs and managing The Cabin Bait and Tackle it doesn't leave much computer time. Life is very busy but good when you do what you love.

3/18 - Old man winter is having hard time letting go. I believe the end is in sight though. Tournaments are ramping up and the A-rig is showing it's force again. Though not the miracle bait it was a couple of years ago it still a dominate force for a winning bag.

2/10 - Championship month ends with one the greatest QB's to play the game getting completely shut out. NASCAR's fan favorite driver little E (Dale Earnhardt Jr) winning the big one at the Daytona 500. B.A.S.S. has one of the classiest, humble and down to earth all around great guy win the Classic in Randy Howell. It's been an awesome month now with the championships over it's time for the regular seasons to begin.

1/21 - Man this winter will just not give up! Well the tournament season has started with a great out look with well over 200 boats for the first two BFL tournaments and the 1st Rayovac tournament all down on Lake Okeechobee in Florida. Either everyone else is sick of winter or hopefully this is a sign of bigger tournament fields throughout the year. I've add a couple blog posts if you haven't checked them out you can at www.bb.fishinghype.com.

1/2 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Well we begin another new and I truly hope the best for all of you. Looking ahead for myself I'm still not sure what lies ahead. I'm planning on being much more social involved with FaceBook, You Tube and here with more updates and videos of tips, tactics and just plain fishing stuff. 2013 was a pretty even keel type of year I'm hoping to have a big year in 2014.


12/07 - Looks as if some MN weather has found me here in KY. Seriously thinking I should move a little farther south, Okeechobee sounds real good about now. If nothing else this cold nasty weather will force me to catch up on sponsor work along with working on adding material to the site. Also checkout http://www.kylakebassin.com for whats what around the lakes area as far as tournament bass fishing goes.

10/15 - Well not really the way I wanted to end the year. After a pretty descent start to the BWS season I really fell off. The last 2 regular season derbies and our regional were a bust and all for the same reason...bad bad decision making. On a bright side Tyler Martin and I did qualify for the USA Bassin Nitro Classic next with a 13th place finish at the Old Hickory regional, had it not been for a giant (7+) that jumped off we would've won and had big fish.

8/22 - OUCH!!! Well what I was really was trying to avoid this year was a major collapse in during the year. It seems I have at least one or two during the year, a tournament that I just can't put it together and drops you in the points. Well last weekends BWS happened to be one of those derbies again. One stinking keeper put me in 50th out of 56 boats NOT GOOD!!!

7/15 - My first ICAST was a blast. Got to hang out with friends I haven't seen in years and got some great exposure for Outkast Tackle. There are some pretty cool products out for this year and next. Lots of new frogs and topwater baits. The new squarebills by Storm are going to awesome. Shimano did it again with the NEW Ci4 Chronarch this thing is on bad reel. The NEW Powell TIMAX rods are unbelievable, light, great looking and built with the absolute best components available.

7/1 - Overall it's been a pretty good year. Guide business keeps growing which you hope it does. Tournaments, though I've fished fewer have gone equally as well. Sitting 3rd in points in both the BWS and USA Bassin tournament series and looking forward to the rest of the year. I will be heading to ICAST in a couple of days to represent Outkast Tackle along with Connor Summers, will keep you updated with all the new toys for the 2014 season.


11/19 - Well another BWS season has wrapped up with the National Championship at Lake Sam Rayburn in Jasper, TX. I finished in 39th out of 175 boaters and took home big fish honors with my personal best a 10.51lb giant. Already looking forward to the chance to fish Old Hickory Lake in Nashville, TN next for the National Championship.

10/16 - It's been a busy couple of months with guide trips and tournaments. Ronnie and I got it done for the Team of the Year for the Paducah division in the Renegade Series, though we stunk it up in the Championship. The BWS regular season end with me in 14th place over all in points and qualified for the National Championship with a 4th place finish at Lake Chickamauga.

8/2 - Haven't had any BWS tournaments but we did make up some ground in the Renegade Team series. With a back to back Sat. and Sun. tournament we had a 2nd and 3rd place finish respectively and now are leading the points with one tournament left.

7/3 - Well took a step back last month. Really stubbed my toe in the BWS series with a pitfull showing out of Paris and Ronnie had to get a sub for the Renegade series and didn't fair so well either. I'm now out of the points race and we are sitting 3rd for the Renegade.

5/19 - Things are turning around a little better now. Making some good decisions on the water just not executing very well. Way to many lost fish for various reasons could have me at the top of the AOY list and a little more in the pocket book. Sitting 3rd in the BWS and 2nd in the Renegade Bass series that I'm fishing.

4/21 - It's been a little over a month now and I have 4 tournaments in the books and only one check to show for it. Finding out real quick that even with time on the water. if you are not fishing for bass you are at a disadvantage. Don't get me wrong I am having a blast crappie guiding but it sure isn't helping on the tournament side of things.

3/4 - My first tournament of the year is just about here. Going to step back a bit this year and do the BWS and BFL's here on the lakes and get thing set in line for a the FLW Opens next year or see what BASS does with their OPENS or what new tour they come up with.

2/12 -  Well to fill in time between guide trips and tournaments I am also working at 
The Cabin Bait and Tackle which helps me keep in touch with all types of anglers fishing for fun on a family trip to tournament anglers in town for the next derby. 

1/3 - Happy New Year everyone hope this year finds you with many tight lines and full livewells. After the most disappointing year I've had since I started this crazy game it's all up from here. With every new year comes new tackle and techniques this year is no exception with a lure that has the fishing world turned on it's ear. The A-rig has swepted across this country like nothing I've ever seen. Agree or disagree with it's use, if your a tournament angler on the Tennessee River and other waters with current you have to throw it or give'm your entry fee and put it on the trailer.


10/18 - Well I haven't done a very good job this year keeping this site up to date and active, period. I am going to be revamping the look of the site over the next couple of months and make this thing what is should have been all along. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see on the site or any changes let me know.

5/1 - When the good Lord puts some road blocks in your way, listen to what he is saying. Just like when we woke up and headed to our tournament on Sat. to find a couple very large trees laying across the driveway.

4/5 - OUCH! Again I become a guide on the second day of the KY/Barkley Everstart tournament. With dropping water levels and temps fishing got tough and overall not a fun tournament. In the end I was really questioning if I belonged and why it's been such a disappointing year.

3/15 - All I can say is I'm not sure what happened. I had one of the best practices ever for a tournament. Had the pattern dialed in catching the right size fish and then the bottom dropped out on me. Not sure what I did wrong but I did it. Ended the first Everstart Central division tournament with 3 fish and a 105 place finish.                                 


9/17 - Well not quite a month this time...LOL. Fished Old Hickory last weekend with Mary for a USA Bassin regional. Finished 29th out of 79 with one keeper for 2.46lbs, what a pressured lake but still like fishing it. Makes you do everything right. Unfortunetly didn't qualify for the Championship next spring. Looking towards Lay Lake for the BWS regional Oct. 15-16.

8/23 - Look it's been another month gone by, heck at least I'm consistent. Finished the regular season of the KY BWS with a 10th place finish and climbed into the top 40 at 36th with only 4 tournaments to make the regional on Lay Lake.

7/26 - Nice, another month gone by without keeping everyone up to date as to what's been going on. Guess that's what happens when you stay busy. Just finished 33rd at the KY division BWS but moved up to 46th in points, only 29 points out of the top 40, even with missing the 1st tournament of the year.

6/22 - WOW! It's been almost a month since I've added something not good! Overall though not much has gone on. Did win a tuesday night tourny last week and had our 3rd BWS this past weekend, with a 12th place finish.

5/24 - They are getting to were they need to be. Mary and I fish the USA Bassin team tournament Sat. and brought 5 for 18.58lb good for 3rd out of 60. Mary put on a cranking clinic in the morning boating our first 4 keepers including a 4lb smallie.

5/16 - It's still wet not as much wild, though a roller coaster of emotion. Weighed my biggest fish ever 7-12 and started out in the top ten of the AFS, to fall to 41st and out of the cut but did get a check, to winning my first KY tournament all in the same weekend, with rain every day.

5/6 - Wet and wild has been the headline for my past two tournaments. Thunderstorms, tornados, floods and motors falling off the back of the boat.

4/18 - Most of the bad for the year most be gone. All though Lake Ouachita did eat my cell phone and I took a swim everything worked mechanically and even some good fortune worked in my favor and got my first check of the year.

4/6 - Hopefully all the bad for the year is done. A broken trolling motor cable and a shorted out GPS for the Jet-A-Marina tournament wasn't what I had planned. Did pass my Captains Class so I am now USCG certified captain.
3/21 - Well the first tournament of the year was pretty much a bust. I never really got a true feel for what was going on, layed and egg on day 2, motor problems in practice, and a broken trailer brake rotor on the way home, ya all nice.

2/24 - Fired from the Classic! Enjoyed every minute of it and very glad I decided to go. This is something every bass angler should have in their bucket list of thing to do. If you walk away from there and you're not ready to get the season rolling and get after it, it's time to take up golf. Check the blog for the winning bait.

2/15 - New tools came Saturday! My new Powell rods and Quantum reels have arrived and am excited to put them to good use. I'm also very excited to head down and check out the final day of the Classic. It will be interesting to see some of the new products before they hit the store shelves.

1/26 - My run with GAMMA Line has come to an end with the parent company deciding they no longer want to stay in the fishing industry. I will also not be doing a drawing this month as I do not have product yet from Tru-Tungsten, and for those of you looking for GAMMA Line that is unfortunately not going to happen this for reasons stated above.

1/10 - Happy belated New Year to all Hype fans. Hope all went well over the holiday season for you as it is all good here. I am happy to announce the new partnership with the Fish Harder companies makers of (Tru-Tungsten, MiHatchii Hooks, and Picasso) as well as Powell rods this year. Cabela's will be caring the Outkast Swim Jig this year.


3/30 - Well we are back from the Fishers of Men National Championship on the Red River, finishing 38th out of 140 teams. We missed the top 28 cut by a mere 1.25lbs. This was a great learning experience for the future. I will go indepth on the tournament in my blog.

4/17 - Well it's been a busy week since the 9th, I've looked at 19 houses and got my turkey, you can read more in blog. I will  not be at the Full Throttle this weekend on the river but looked forward to seeing everyone at the St. Jude.

5/5 - The St. Jude is now over and I learned a valuable lesson - Pay attention! We lost track of time and came in late and got the big DQ and not the treat kind either. Check my blog for more on this sour subject.

6/2 - Well May ended in a flury with a week trip down to Kentucky Lake for the Triton Gold Elite tournament and a run back to Red Wing for the first ABA/BASS Weekend Series on the Mississippi River. I placed 16th and 17th respectively with 82 boats in each tournament. You can read more in my blog.

6/8 - My first trip to Green Lake in Spicer, MN didn't go as planned. This was the first stop on the Silverado Pro-Am Bass Tour and I finished with a 33rd out of 49 showing, ouch!!! More in my blog.

6/29 - The second trip to Green went a little better catching wise and a better finish but still no check. The mighty Miss. River handed it to me the second go around though and that hurts. More in my blog.

7/28 - WOW it's been a month since I've been on here SORRY about that HYPE fans. I guess after my two lack luster results at the river for the Weekend Series on pools 3-5 and a 38th place finish on Le Homme Dieu for the Silverado Tour I really didn't have much to report. That all changed this past weekend the a very much needed win at PDC ( prairie du chien) WI for the Weekend Series. Check out the blog.

8/24 - No rest for the weary, after coming back from PDC the next weekend we headed for KY to buy a house. Then the following weekend we left for Escanaba, MI for a week for the B.A.S.S. Federation Nothern regional and then back to MN over night for a Silverado the next day. Now we've got 3 weeks to pack with 3 touraments sandwiched in between.

10/12 - Well again it's been a spell since I've been here. It's been a little crazy with all the packing, tournaments, moving and unpacking going on, and a week in TN on Old Hickory. Check the blog for the rest of the story.

11/9 - WOW! I am glad that that is over. Just got back from the BWS National Championship and that was the most painful fishing bite I've ever seen in my 20 years of tournaments. More in my blog at -

12/2 - I would like to Welcome a new partner to Fishng Hype, Tru-Tungsten and the FishHarder Companies. If you have yet to fish with Tru-Tungsten you need to and feel what you've been missing, check them out at
www.tru-tungsten.com .

12/20 - Mary and I would like to wish everyone a wonderful and Merry Christmas and a bright New Year, be safe and enjoy the holidays.

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